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It all began in


Wheatlands Lodge Hotel began in 1981 when one derelict, late 19th century property was bought by Terry Wheatley.

After a lot of hard work and plenty of brick dust and rubble, a small Bed & Breakfast opened its doors with only eight bedrooms, wet paint still drying, Terry cooking, and friends and family washing up! His two young daughters had the exciting task of naming the Bed & breakfast and decided on Wheatlands Lodge, wanting to keep the family name in the limelight.

Over the next 20 years another five houses were bought, one by one, and gradually converted by Terry and many loyal workers, into the sixty bedroom hotel we have today. Terry, his wife Joyce, his daughters Tanya & Fiona, his son in law Tim and four of their six grandchildren are all still working hard in the hotel and look forward to doing so for many years to come!

Sadly, Terry passed away on 19th February 2020.  His family will continue his journey for him by ensuring Wheatlands Lodge keeps its reputation as one of York's best loved hotels. 


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Wheatlands Lodge, 75/85 Scarcroft Road, York YO24 1DB
Tel: 01904 654318 Fax: 01904 611793

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